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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Un perfil de los costarricenses en los Estados Unidos Ethnic Groups Germany is one of the most smallest but powerful countriesof the earth. Berlin, its capital, can support 3.5 million people.Germany has the fourth largest economy of the world. One of the main sectors is the automobile.Germanies total populatioon is about 80.7 million people.Its economy is based on the Euro. Germany has a few variety of ethnic groups, despite its beautifulwomen, beautiful landscapes, and the amount of job opportunities. 20% double click to change this header text! Vehicles Germany Germans 80% Turks 3.7% Russians 1.5% Poles 1.9% Italians 0.9% Africans 0.7% Others 11.2% Germany produces 20%of the total cars soldall around the world.
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