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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Democratic Party Republican Party Executive Legislative Judicial -Made of U.S. Congress ( Senate and House of Reps.)-Making laws for people to follow-House of Representatives:has 435 membersServes 2-year termhas to be 25 years old and a citizen for 7 yearsthe only one who can propose tax lawscan impeach a president-Senate:has 100 members Serves 6 year termhas to be 30 years and a citizen for 9 yearsapproves presidents appointmentscan start a war -Made of the President, Vice president and Cabinet-Enforcing laws-President, Vice president, and Cabinet:4 year termhas to be 35 years old and native-bornmakes treaties with other nationsnominates judges to supreme courtis commander and and cheif of U.S. Militaryappoints cabinet membersmakes treaities with other nations -Made of the Supreme Court and Federal District Courts-Has the power to change laws with Judicial Review-Supreme court and Federal District Courts:judges serve for life"judicial review" (power to judge) Supreme Court settles all disputes involving USASupreme Court settles all disputes between statesWhen the president is impeached the cheif justice serves as the judge Ohio's Government John Kasich is Governor of Ohio Mary Taylor is Lt. Governor of Ohio Mike Dewine is attorney general of Ohio Dave Yost is the Auditor of Ohio Jon Husted is Secretary of Ohio Senator of ohio Josh Mandel is Treasurer of Ohio Federalism a system of government in whichthe power is separated between acentral government and smallerpolitical units such as state Personal liberties or privileges each branch of government can have an opinion over check,or controls over the other branches the division of basic government rolesinto 3 branches everyone, citizens and powerful leaders alike must obey the law a governement in which people rule the people use their opinion by voting Individual Rights Checks and Balances Separation of Powers Limited Government Popular Sovereignty Republicanism double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.
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