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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Initial Theory: Most great ideas were thought up mostly on accidentFinal Theory: All great ideas cam about their noticing Business should always be aware and noticing things people needs Entrepreneurs should always be on the hunt noticing things or ways to make people's lives easier Hunches Live in the Future Worrying You Are Too Late Initial Theory: Nothing was left to chanceFinal Theory: Hunches(Intuition) incredibly valuable in businessIn business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators should always listen pay close attention to the hunches in their hearts rather than what's on paper Initial: If an idea is good run with it whether expert or not.Final: Specialize and innovate within your strengthsBusinesses should expound upon what they excel in.As an Entrepreneur work within your strengths Areas Where You Have Expertise Not to Think Up but Notice Initial: Solve present day needs.Final: Always be focused on the future and what the world is leaving behind Businesses should always be forward looking to anticipate and be ahead of their competitors Entrepreneurs should live in the future because living in the future brings upon great innovations! Initial Theory: If you think you are too late most likely you're late and should move on.Final Theory: Worrying your too late is a sign of a good idea and you should stick with itBusiness should not abandon ideas if they think they are too late unless the competition undoubtedly has the advantageEntrepreneurs can use the notion of being too late on an idea as having a good idea. Y- Combinator
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