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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Venezuelan Revolution Important People-Francisco De Miranda-Alexander Hamilton -Napoleon-Simon Bolivar -Jose Felix Ribas More than 3000 people died Demands made by spanish government1808 - 1810Spain wants Venezuela to stay loyal 1810 - 1812Simón Bolívar starts a revolution, the revolution is successful then gets stopped by Spiniards. Revolutionaries gain Power1811 - 1812Bolívar teams up with Francisco de Miranda and start to build an army of troops to fight for independence.Revolutionary Unity dissolves1812 - 1814Bolívar puts Miranda in charge of Patriot army. Bolívar becomes governor of Puerto Cabello, a key city. However, the earthquake of 1812 hit the revolutionary center and forced de Miranda to surrender, angering Bolívar.Revolutionaries gain power, but it isn't radical enough1814 - 1817Bolívar emerges as the face of Venezuelan independence, but it is short lived.Power is gained progressively1817 - 1818Bolívar refused to give up but resorted to look for local guerilla leaders to aid his side.Leader emerges1819Bolívar becomes the face of the revolution.Extremists fight back1821 - 1822Throughout the war, Bolívar fights against all royalists supporting France.Period of terror1821 - 1822Battles never ended, and people between the royalists and revolutionaries.Moderates gain Power1822Bolívar and Company (Revolutionists) fight for Venezuela and defeat Spanish forces. Bolívar gets elected President
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