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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Unique opportunities are the fastest way of processing, evaluation and application in practice of the data to effectively manage own health. BE HEALTHY 100% PROFESSIONAL FUNCTIONAL DIAGNOSIS OF THE BODY IN A SMARTPHONE Throughout 35 years in former USSR we researched and accumulated data from space health care industry. We combined mathematics,physiology,medicine and IT for creating new product for preservation of health. We built a state-of-the-art technology for comprehensive analysis of human bodycondition and develop recommendations based on this data which allows you to reach your highest possible optimal body and health condition. We own unique technology which conducts functional body noninvasive diagnosis. OMEGA BRAIN WAVES HEART RATE MONITOR PROFESSIONALRECOMMENDATIONS The recommendations based on analytical diagnosis. This approach allows to do daily monitoring of physiological condition, react timely to body physiological changes and prevent possible psychological and physical stresses and diseases. By following these recommendations one saves money on medical services. The health care is expensive worldwide and disease prevention is much more efficient than treatment, this technology could be used in fitness and public health care and save up to 40-50% health care costs. Verification of the central nervous system.Respiratory and circulatory system.Resistance to stress. Electrocardiogram. In-depth analysisof the readiness of the cardiovascular system. Analysis of respiratory waves Central nervous system The autonomic nervous system Neuromuscular system Hormonal system Stress levels Fatigue of the body Voltage level of the heart Willingness to physical stress Circulatory system 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 51% 11% 22% 14% The huge research database over 35000 people including professional athletes, sports fans and recovered patients. CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES SPECIAL MEDICAL DEVISES The additional devices for screening the necessary body information EASY TO USE Only two minutes every morning OUR MAIN ADVANTAGE IF YOU ARE THE MAN WHO TAKE CARE ABOUT THE HEALTH , WE WILL HELP YOU MAKE IT EASIER , BETTER , CHEAPER Sensor to read the omega brain waves
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