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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this title text! The Cerebral Cortex (Grey Matter) The magnetic resonace imaging of brain development between the age of 5-20At the age of 20, the brain is fully develop. Brain Structure & Function Neuron Structure & Function EXPERIMENT Other Factors Other Factors Amygdala Long-term potentiationIt is when molecular changes, which are the basis for long-term learning. This increase in the efficiency of the synapses to lasted hours, days, or even weeks. ProcessHippocampal neurons release glutamate which is chemical messenger.Glutamate binds into glutamate-specific receptors on the next neuron. If the neuron strong enough, it canregenerate the nerve in this neuron. For LTP the impulse has higher frequency. Which make the neuron excite enough to excite the other neuron. That activate the second type of glutamate receptor which extend the period of excitement.The second type of receptor allow smalls molecule of calcium to enter the neuron. References Ice no.1 Kate no.3 Math no.9 m.3/350
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