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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Luck Games Horoscope 2015 "Bright, charming, solution-oriented, caring" Libra is not very enthusiastic about luck games. Libra isgenerous by nature they like risk-taking and would't mindspending a great amount of money. Libra can get easy frustrated duringand end up in debt. Stars encourage Libra to play lotto with a methid thatwill bring them luck and success. Lucky Numbers: 9, 15 Lucky Days: Saturday "Loyal, passionate, confident, dynamic" Scorpio is an intelligent and intuitive player. Scorpiomay bet maximum and hopping for a profitable win. Theyconcentrate heavily on the game, possess the ability to guessthe numbers and read mind of their contenders. Lucky Numbers: 8, 21 Lucky Days: Tuesday "Independent, self-controlled, philosophical, impatient" Sagittarius is born for luck games and fortune seemsto favor them. It is one of the luckiest horoscope signsin the Zodiac and adores adventures and fun. If things doesn't workout don't be quick to quit. Remember, patience isthe key, keep your mind open. Lucky Numbers: 3, 9 Lucky Days: Thursday "Responsible, patient, ambitious, practical" Capricorns are very organized and careful players. They areserious towards money and especially gambling. Capricorn doesn't risk, but plays with a previously self-set amount of money.They can play different luck games through with are scratch cards. Lucky Numbers: 5, 7 Lucky Days: Tuesday "Clever, inventive, rebellious, stubborn" The Aquarius is very intuitive Zodiac sign. Theyhate followingschemes, they prefer diversity. Aquariusquickly gets bored withthe same way of playing. Those born under this sign are extremelylucky and thus they hit incredible jackpots. Lucky Numbers: 2, 13 Lucky Days: Wednesday Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius "Devoted, passionate, imaginative, indecisive" Pisces are very inventing players but at the same timeeasy manipulated since they're indecisive. Pisces don't belong tomoney keeper. Fortune favors Pisces not so frequently so it willbe good for them to use proven strategies in order to win. Lucky Numbers: 7, 12 Lucky Days: Thursday Pisces Part 2
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