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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What Does Oil Do To Marine Animals? Oil will clog the bird's feathers making it impossible for the bird to fly. Oil can also make the feathers so heavy that bird will be unable to float, and may end up sinking and drowning. are extremely sensitive to even small amounts of oil and other petroleum products. One gallon of used oilspilled in one million gallons of water will kill half of all exposed Dungeness crab larvae. -Oil IN or ON water is extremely dangerous to wildlife.- Die or bio-accumulate the toxic components of petroleum products. This toxicity moves up the food chain negatively impacting reproduction, shortening life span and leading to mortality of larger animals (birds and mammals) that may prey on these organisms. Fur traps a thin layer of air adjacent to the animal's skin,and this air layer prevents the skin of the animal from coming into contact with the cold ocean water. When exposed to oil,the air layer is destroyed, and mammals rapidly become hypothermic. FISHS & SHELFISH LARVAES & MICRO-ORGANISMS BIRDS MAMMALS SHORELINE ORGANISMS, e.g. CLAMS, CRABS
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