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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Today, the census affects us by keeping track of the populationdevelopment, structure, household,living conditions, staying current on social affairs, etc. The census also affects decisions made on education, employment, healthcare, transportation, housing, etc. Here is a picture of a censusapplication(present day). 1. In the Roman days the census was used to keep track of thepopulation, wealth, tax revenue, military strength, and to see what rank you were in. 2. Every five years every male citizen in Rome had to register for the census.3. The census was takencare of by two peoplecalled censors.( During Roman times) Here are some interestingfacts about the census. 4. The censor's job was toinspect each man (hisbelongings,family) andto put him in the right rank. 5. Sometimes a censor mayput a man a couple ranksbelow if he doesn't have any children, appeared on stage(actors wereconsidered lower class),or failed to take care of his land. Thank You Rome! Because of You We Have the Census Mary and Joseph register for the census. (Byzantine mosaic) Roman and Present Day Census Comparison One way that the Roman censusis similar present day census isthat they both have information about you, where you live, age, and many more. One way that the roman censusis different from the present censusis during the Roman times they had two censors to care for the census. Mow we just mail an application that we expect people to fill out and return. How the Census Affects Our Lives Today
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