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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Reactions Naming andDrawing Properties . 1.esters are less polar than carboxylic acids and do not form hydrogen bonds.2.esters are soluble in water due to the polarity of their carbon-oxygen bonds.3.The melting and boiling point of esters are similar to those of the corresponding aldehyde and ketones.4.low-molecular mass esters are gases at room temperature,but the larger,heavier esters are waxy solids. general formula Esterification to produce esters Hydolysis Draw the structure of methyl propanoate Esters Saponification 1.Identify two alkyl groups which are methyl and ethyl.2.CH3CO is originated from carboxylic acid,OCH3 is originated from alcohol.3.Therefore,the name of the organic compound is . 1.Identify the two alkyl groups;2.Determine which group originated from the carboxylic acid and which originated from alcohol.3.Write the name with the alcohol first and the carboxylic acid part second. Example CH3COOCH3 methyl ethanoate Application 1. Esters are used for making artificial flavours and essences.These are used in cold drinks, ice-creams, sweets and perfumes.2. Esters are used as solvents for oils, fats, gums, resins,cellulose, paints, varnishes, etc.3. Esters are used as plasticizers. Naming Drawing Example 1.The compound is an ester.2.propanoate means there are 3 carbons of the main chain, which is originated from carboxylic acid and methyl is originated from alcohol. Bad 1.From saponification, we could produce soap.2.Esters could produce fragrances. Good polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is commonly found in building materials,might pollute the air people breathe in homes and offices. Effects of esters
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