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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PESTLE Analysis Volvo PESTLE Analysis Volvo Political: Since Volvo as a corporate organisation functioning in countries where the respective governments view these organisations as beneficial to the region in economical and transport aspects. Economic: One certain relative concern of the current economic climate is the price of fuel, with its finite lifespan and unstable market price fluctuations. About 93% of the oil we use is for fuel. (Plumer, 2015), and with OPEC constantly having the lower the price of oil, Volvo are left with a difficult strategical decision. Social: The main social problematicfactor that Volvo are facing is themajor transition from fuel-ran cars to cars powered by electricity. Theyas an organisation have a social obligationto facilitate this transition if it is in thepublics best interest. Technological: As mentioned in the researchreport one of the major technological challengesthat Volvo are looking to implement is globallyconnected cars, in their bid to keep safety of the highest priority. Legal: One of the main legal implications to affect Volvo is the release of new laws in relation to the environment, such as theenvironmental protection actsand the clean air act. Environmental: obviously asmentoned previously in othersections of this analysis, thisis one of the biggest issues that Volvo face. Such previous attemptssuch as flexi-fuel cars havemade an impact, but have not beenfruitful for profit.
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