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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Growing interest in multi-channel attribution and pricing models ClickDealer new CPA network with ambitions to be the first and best start from scratch[clears the canvas] Economic crisis Development of technological spheres of performance-marketing New methods of conversion of online and offline interaction Retailers websites and apps arent optimized for tablets New programmes of third-party cookie blocking efforts Affiliate marketing industry would grow to $4,5 billion by 2016 Global reach and multi-platform coverageLaser-targeted traffic throughout any media channel, within any GEO and any nicheTeam of experienced managers Service and moderation 24/7/365 Flexible payment termsMultiple payment solutions (wire/PayPal/Pioneer)Meet-ups, contests, workshops, loyalty program Advantages for publisher 1. Ability of complete control of all advertising content .2. A wide selection of worldwide exclusive offers from top advertisers3. Detailed reporting and real-time statistics4. Tools for easy search, publication and obtaining references including tools for working with social networks Advantages for advertiser 1. Clear and understandable system of measurement, reporting and payments to focus on business growing .2. Transparent network that gives a complete picture of the breadth and depth of the network, development trends.3. Innovations that indicates the existence of a huge number of ways web-masters to conduct sales.4. Product promotion in any country World Trends ClickDealer guarantees Affiliate marketing would return$14 for every $1 spent Mobile Commerce would reach over $100 billlion by 2017 Increasing quantity of CPA networks Local differences based on traditions and cultural values
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