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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Muscular Dystrophy It is not known exactly how many people of all ages in the United States have DBMD. An estimated 1 of every 5,600 to 7,700 males 5 through 24 years of age had DBMD. That is approximately equal to a prevalence of 1.3 to 1.8 per 10,000 males 5 through 24 years of age in the four states Prevalence Survival Diagnosis In the absence of a family history of DBMD, a delay of 2.5 years occurred from the time the first symptoms were noticed to the time a definite diagnosis of the condition was made.2First symptoms were noticed at an average age of 2.5 years.Concerns about symptoms resulted in a primary care provider examining the child at an average age of 3.6 years.The first creatine kinase (CK) test was done at an average age of 4.7 years (CK levels are higher among people with DBMD).Diagnosis of DMD was at an average age of 4.9 years Economic Costs 100% of males 5 through 9 years of age99% of males 10 through 14 years of age85% of males 15 through 19 years of age58% of males 20 through 24 years of age Economic costs pertaining specifically to DBMD have not been reported. The MarketScan Commercial Claims and Encounters Database for the period 2001-2004, which includes paid medical and prescription drug claims of people covered by employer-sponsored health insurance, was used to calculate money spent on care for all types of MD.The yearly average cost in 2004 for medical care for privately insured individuals with any type of muscular dystrophy was $18,930, ranging from $13,464 at 5 through 9 years of age to $32,541 at 15 through 19 years of age
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