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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Judicial Legislative Executive House Of Representatives Senate The Senate and House Of Representatives together are formed into the Congres Jim Hughes is the senator of Ohio Stephanie kunze is our representative They Senate and House work together to createour laws The congress also represents voters There are 33 member in the Ohio senate and 99 members in the House Of Representatives The House Of Representatives works more with the people and the senate makes makes some of the big decisions John Kasich is Ohio's governor The Executive Branch enforces the laws The governor approves and signs bills and laws The Executive branch contains only 1 part. Its not divided into other groups. The governor has a cabinet which are like his assistants and they help him The governor gets to handpick his cabinet With approval from the Senate But there are manyimportant people within thisbranch like... Dave Yost is the State Auditor Mary Taylor is the LT. Governor Mike DeWine is the Attorney General Josh Mandel is the State Treasurer Jon Husted is the Secretary of State There is one chief justice and 6 associate judges They have 7 so there can't be an even vote The Judicial brach resolves disputes Maureen O'Connor is our chief judge now They also Interpret laws The branch's main duties There are no bodies in this branch, its just one big one For the Judges a majority vote wins it The House listens to what the people say and try to get the things that they want They also protectyou rights Ohios Constitutional Principles One of Ohio's principles is federalism. We don't just let thestate government take all the power. All the districtshave a say in our goverment and we can vote on mostlyall the issues. We share the power between district and state Another principle is separation of powers. Our power is not just locatedin one place in government. Its separated between all 3 branches. If wehad all the power in one place we would have a dictatorship and that wouldn't be good. Thats why are power is separated. Federalism Separation of Powers Representative Goverment The final principle is Representative Government. We don't havepeople born into power or just randomly chosen. We elect who wewant to represent us by voting. Everyone 18 or older is able to votefor all the issues. We get to elect anyone that is running and its our decision. Ohio Supreme Court The Statehouse is where both Executive and Legislative branches work John Kasich is the leader of the Executive branch
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