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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ohio's Government Executive Govenor Lieutenant Govenor Attorney General Secretary of state Auditor Of State Treasurer Of State Two main duties of the executivebranch is taxing.This branch can also enforce the laws. Legislative The House of Representatives is composed of 99 members elected from single-member districts of equal population.A representative serves for 2 years. Each of the 33 senate districts is formed by combining threehouse districts. Senators servefour-year staggered terms Judicial The judicial branch is headed by the Ohio Supreme Court,which has one chief justice and six associate justices, each elected to staggered six-year terms.The Ohio Supreme Court building is in ColumbusThere are several other levels of elected judiciary in the Ohio court system:State court of claims, which has jurisdiction over all civil actions against the State of Ohio in situations in which the state has waived its sovereign immunity.State courts of appeal (12 district appeals courts): These are the intermediate appellate courts.County courts of common pleas: 88 county common pleas courts These are the principal courts of first instance for civil and criminal matters. In populous areas, there are often several divisions, such as general, juvenile, probate, and domestic relations.Municipal courts and county courts these court primarily handle minor matters, such as traffic adjudication and other misdemeanor and small claims. Two main duties of the legislative branch is to pass laws.And propose laws Two main duties of the judicial branch is solve disputes.And enforce the laws. And punish if the laws are not followed 1. For example of checks and balances, the Govenormay veto a law passed by Congress. Congress can override that veto with a vote of two-thirds of both houses. 2. An example for representative government is People elect representatives in to vote on things for them.That is called a republic.3. An example of popular sovereignty is us the people of Ohio electing people to make some of the decisions for us.Because we the people are the government so we should make the decisions. Examples Of Three Constitutional Principles The most important person in the legislative branch is the speaker of the house. By: Isabel Rojas Ohio's State House Ohio's State House Ohio's Court House
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