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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tech Device Penetration in US Students Technology in Today's College Students How is Technology embedded in present day College Studentsand its impacts on their academic performance Role of Technology in Academic Success How is Technology helping students? Some of the benefits of technology for students college Students Aged 18-34, July 2014Source: Crux research 31% description here description here description here description here description here 76% 51% 11% 22% 14% 86 % 40 % 78 % 45 % Use a Desktop Use a Smartphone Use a Laptop Use a Tablet Of all the students in the survey conductedit was found that: 66% 47% 45% 38% 25% Word Processors E-mail Presentation software College Library website Spreadsheets e-books Students Rated the following as Extremely Valuable for academic success Wi-Fi ACCESS in their is INSTRUMENTAL 74% of the students feel that SUCCESS they want access from everywhere in Campus Easy Access to Resources and Progress Reports Makes Students more Efficient Facilitates Connectivity among peers and Faculty Makes Learning more engaging and relevant Smartphone use by students Word processors, Spreadsheets, e-mail,presentation softwares,etc are extremely valuable to students in theiracademic success. Social networking, gaming, creative/graphics softwares were considered to be less valuablein terms of academic success. (3000 respondents) use when they Get upin the morning Texting 94 min E-mail Facebook Internet Surfing 48 min 38 min 34 min TIME spent on an avg on a smartphone at Home at College Use in idle timeat college 92% 82% Use for academic use 77% 47% use when in Bathroom Outside 93% Use it while in a carbus or train 85% Use it outside like when in a Queue A day of today's students starts by getting up in the morning withthe alarmclock of the smartphone. it is being used for a wide rangeof daily work like reading news, checking emails, getting directions,organizing, listening music, social media and the list goes on. It hasbecome a necessity in today's world, especially for the youth. References: References:
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