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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ohio Government Legislature Senate House of Representatives Legislative branch develops bills that the governor can sign. The branch also approves tax and spending plans Serve a 4 year termthere are 33 members serve a 2 year terms there are 99 members Keith Faber-President of Senate Cliff Rosenburger- Speaker of House Executive Executive enforces state law. The branch can also sign or veto any bill the legislature wants to pass. Judicial The judicial Branch settles disputes fairly and impartially according to the law and the constitution. John Kasich- Governor Serve a 4 year term and there are Maureen O'conner-Chief of justice Serve 6 year terms there are 7 judges in the supreme court, but there are 4 other courts that are lesser then the supreme court 6 elected members Popular Sovereignty "in the end it was the people who put me there"- Jennifer Burner (former secretary of state) Vote for them, to help you Vote for them, to help you Legislative can check the judicial branch by allowing the judicial branch power over only the laws made The judicial can check the executive by interpreting the law the way they see it The executive branch can check the legislative branch by vetoing a bill. Ohio's government is in the state section and it deals with matters in the state. 33% 33% 33% L L Interpert Laws E E Enforce laws Make laws J J Representative Government General Assembly General Assembly The crowd is protesting about gay rights in Ohio-Popular Sovereignty Ohio's government is like a banana split because... each scoop of ice-cream is different and has its own taste. All of the ice-cream and other toppings work together and play a certain role to look and taste like a banana split The banana split would not work with out the base of the banana and the extra coating of the other toppings. John Kasich vetoed Racino amendment to allow new racinos in Ohio (December 2014) Ohios government lets me have my freedom with the bill of Rights and limited government. While they still maintain order with the constitution. The bill of rights and limited government protect my rights in many ways. Limited government keeps the government from controlling to many aspects of my life. Limited government is when the government has boundaries it cant overstep. That allows me to practice my religion of choice without hurting others. A supreme court case in Ohio is one example of how Ohio is balancing freedom and safety.When an Amish man wanted to go hunting the man didnt want to wear the bright orange vest because it was against his religion, he got caught and was fined but he put the case to the supreme court. The court decided that he needed to wear a vest because it was his choice to hunt. Although the man didnt want to wear the vest because it went against his religion. The court ruled he had to because when he choose to go hunting it wasnt part of his religion therefore he had to use the safety requirements that went along with it. Under the bill of rights people are allowed the freedom of speech. If someone uses their freedom of speech to say something that is not true and hurts someone's reputation, they are allowed to file a lawsuit for slander. The Bill of Rights lets us have the freedom of speech as long as we use it within the law. The Ohio constitution brings order to Ohios government because it defines the rules of the state of Ohio government and the people. For instance marriage is defined as only a union between one man and one women (128). This example is one where each state has used their constitution to define marriage differently. Another example is under article XVII-elections elections for state and county officials shall be held on the first tuesday after the first Monday in November. The Ohio constitution maintains order by being very specific so no one can have any problem understanding the constitution. Ohios government balances my freedoms with order by having a Bill of Rights, and limited government to let me keep my freedoms. Also the constitution which keeps order by making all the rules for the government very specific so everyone can understand. How Does Ohio's government balance my freedom with order?
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