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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 lunch Safety What happens when victims get infected?by This infographic was produced by Anar BotantaiPlease, see on the INTERNET 10731 victims of virus/malware/spyware 42% 25% 13% 9% 7% 4% suffered an online security issue lost files such us photos and important work had credit card details stolen and goods bought in their name had problems with online shopping had their personal information accessed without permission suffered damageto their reputation Digital citizen What would a smart person do? S T R A M Don't meet up! Be safe! Accepting E-mails Reliable? Tell someone! Keep your personal information safe and secret. Think carefully before you share a photo of yourself or your friends! Never arrange to meet an online friend because it can be dangerous. No matter how well you think you know people, they might be pretending. If you receive SPAM or messages which make you feel uncomfortable, delete them! Don't reply to them! The internet is full of friendly people and amazing information. However, sometimes people might say of write things which are untrue, so you should always think carefully! Most of the time that you are online, you will have lots of fun. However, if you see something that makes you feel worried, make sure that you tell an adult who you trust.
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