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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Board appears to be using Roberts Rulesconsistently. An active landscape committeewas recently implemented to oversee vendor. Only one month of operating expenses are in operating. No reservestudy has been commissioned, and assessments have been frozen for 7+ years. Insufficient funds are being allocated to collections activity. Board is regularly using resolutions to clarify policy and is creating effective Minutes. All contracts are being reviewed by attorney prior to signing. Board is putting out all of its contracts for bid eachyear, increasing the likelihood that only low-qualityvendors will bid. Selective enforcement - compliance letters are issuedsporadically and community not being maintained byhomeowners at desirable levels. D&O policy only covers directors, not spousesor committees. Valuation of buildings hasnot been conducted in 10+ years. No fidelity coverage at all. 73% 73% 73% 73% 73% 73% COMMUNITY HEALTH EVALUATION Board needs to identify and train potential Boardcandidates well in advance of annual meetings.All documents need to be converted to electronicformat for storage. This Limited Review is a snapshot of conditions based upon information made available at the time of the consultation. It does not replace the benefits of a long term ongoing review utilizing the services of multiple professionals such as CPAs, attorneys, insurance brokers, community association managers and engineers. ABC Condominium March 1, 2015 Financials Legal Administration Processes 6 4 8 7 7 9 2
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