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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Hispanically Speaking News (HS News) site, found at, is an independentonline daily news site and virtual center where we create and publish valuable, timely andculturally sensitive content all peppered with some spicy wit to keep you engaged, informed and connected. Our niche news site is here for you with relevant news about and for Hispanics. Created by: Hispanically Speaking News The Global Peace Index (GPI) ranks nations on a scale of 1-5 based on 23 indicators associated with the absence of violence, with 5 being the least peaceful. The 2012 rankings included 158 nations, covering 99% of the world's population. Colombia (144)Mexico (135)Honduras (129)Guatemala (124 2.625 2.445 2.339 2.287 2.278 2.220 2.179 2.068 2.028 2.021 2.017 2.006 1.995 1.973 1.951 1.899 1.763 1.658 1.6281.616 Latin America's global rankings and scores Latin America's Struggle With Peace Most Peaceful: Least Peaceful: World-wide Iceland (1) 1.113 Somalia (158) 3.392 two-thirds Homicides Violent crime Political terror Access to weapons Death from internal conflictPerceived criminality in society Compared to the 2011 rankings,of Latin American countries saw a gain in peacefulness Where is Latin America failing? Source: GPI 2012 Findings (Institute for Economics and Peace)
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