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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Happy A thorough (but by no means exhaustive) study of the extent to which I love youin the form of your very own, veryhandy infographic. Valentine's Freaking In the beginning... There was a boy, very much in love with a girl, and very, very much at a loss for how to tell her. See, I'm not really rolling in the dough right now.And all I do is talk and talk and talk and talk toyou, which so far you don't seem to hate. But, I know at some point I'll have told you I love you inevery conceivable way. I need new material andI've been trying hard to figure outwhat to do about this all week. It's particularly rough because you slaythe girlfriend game. And then that gift?!You set the bar too high!For all the jokes and verbal jabs you liketo throw, you're really the queen of caringcaring. All hail the freaking queen. I love that you love stuff. I don't always understand that stuff, but damn. I love watching you love it.And for all our respective faults and whatever problems come our way...when you tell me you love ME,everything else goes so quiet. Thank you for that. So Now What? Great. So, against what feels like literallyall the odds, ever, I have you. And youhave me. I think about this a lot. Whatnext? After much rumination, I can onlyconclude...we should party.Or continue to party. It's always a party withyou (and Bey). Life is good. Even like this,even from so far away, and despite myintermittent emotional outbursts - THISis SO good. I need you to know that. I don'tknow how it's this good. But it is. Before you left, we did a lot of realtalk about what we needed. I told youI didn't need a girlfriend. I need a partner.I needed my person. I'm not aboutthat "lonely stoner" lifestyle anymore.Claire, I can't send you flowers and I don'tthink I can tell you every time I want to say"thank you" because, as kind as you areto me, you don't have a million hoursto hear me monologue on the phone.So, I want to use this admittedly cheesy holidayand this admittedly cheesy gift to say it -Thank you for being my person. I've never feltmore supported. You're beautiful. Boyfriends say that to their girlfriendsall the time, especially today, but you own a mirror so I think (or at least I hope) you know I'm not just saying it to say it. You are, truly, gorgeous.And I don't care.I think I used to kind of care. And it's awesome. Good for you.But I don't know how to communicate whatan incredible feat it is for you to have so muchdepth and substance that the fact thatyou are a stone cold fox is the LEAST alluringthing about you.Simply put, you, Claire, are the most incrediblewoman I know. And I love you for it.
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