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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 6 Reason I should be at Ted Rogers School of Business 3.5 Years of IT Experience Because no one will createan infographic after being rejectedand no one will be moremotivated to be part of Ted Rogers school community 4 Years Bachelor in Electronic Engineering + Post Graduate Diploma in Management 560 GMAT Score ExceptionalRecommendations Sajish Koneri, Stone Apple,Singapore "I have known Reetika for quiet some time, she is a thorough professional and is an extremely capable developer who has provided excellent quality of work over time. She comes up with ideas/solutions in times of challenges and tight time schedules. I highly recommend Reetika and would love to work with her in future." "During the course of my time with Ritika, she proved herself to be a dependable team member. She is well educated, hard working person with solid problem solving and technical skills. She showed great flexibility and willingness to work on any project that is assigned to her. She made significant contributions to several projects ranging from data capture to web portals.Ritika was quick to volunteer to assist in other areas of company operations, as well. Her combination of intelligence, commitment and excellent verbal and written communications skills will certainly make her a valuable member of any good team. Reena Sharma, BasWare, Finland Global Perspective from Canada, India & Finland Analytic skills, leadership skills, entrepreneurship skills, awesome communication skills, always the best team member, creative, professional, dedicated and committed Skills an MBA class requires Created new processes todecrease project delivery time by 30% Online Examination Website for HR Dept to help in recruitment processCreated Online ticket reservation system for State Road Transport companyCreated software to digitize all state labor department records Websites Created Achievements & Projects For these reasons and many more that are beyond this page, I should be given another chance to be a part of Ted Rogers School of Management Max Weber Por: René Rodríguez
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