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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Liberation of Brazil Brazil became an equal part of the Portugal Kingdom in 1807.When the king recogized it asa important land. Dom Pedro became ruler of Brazil in 1821.After his dad abdicated togo to Portugal. A Constitutional Revolution erupted in Portugal and attempted to force a constitution on Brazil. Dom Pedro became ruler after his dad left for Portugal in 1821. He was cheated out of his right to rule by General Avilez. Pedro was manipulated by General Avilez into accepting the new constitutioncalled the Cortes. Which renderedhim to powerless. The people became outraged bythe Cortes. The peoplebegan to rise up and the Princedismissed Portuguese officials. In a series of shortskirmishes the Portuguese army was pushed to the border where they fled. Declaring Brazil independent in October 1822, Pedro became the constitutional emperor of Brazil. Portugal was weakened by the French invasion of Portugal. "Hail to the independence, to freedom and to the separation of Brazil. For my blood, my honor, my god, I swear to give Brazil freedom. Independence or death!" Dom Pedro. The Cortes was the last straw topeople who were tired of the Portugal rule. Thomas Cochrane led the forcesof Brazil to victory after provinghimself as he defeated the hardened Portugal army with the fresh Brazilian army. A ninth grader should care about the liberation of Brazil because today Brazilian culture affects many Americans: aspiring soccer athletes and those studying Portuguese
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