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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2nd Place Nationally Georgia Children for Overweight or Obese children, only behindMisssissippi 3 out of 4 GA parents with obese children are not aware that their children are Changing Parent Behavior 41 62 61.4% 12.4% 31.4% of low-income children (2-5 yrs), whosefamilies participating in WIC are overweight or obese in Georgia of GA children (6-17 yrs) watch 4+ hours of screen time per day (includes TV, videos, video games, etc.) while only 10.8% of other American children report similar viewing habits of children (6-17 yrs) participate in 4 or more days of vigorous physical activity per week, compared the National average of 64.3% In 2011, 18.5% of Georgia children were considered to be Overweight (85th>x>94th percentile), while 16.5% were considered Obese (>95th percentile) Not My Child! % of parentsreportedimproving dietby increasingfruits & veggies, and reducingfast food, sweets, and snacking % of parents are helping to increasekids' level ofphysicalactivity, such as walking, dancing, or playingsports Examining Parental Denial in the Fight Against Obesity OVERWEIGHT rank "As kids get older,parents realize it's not just baby fat any more..." The earlier parents are in engaged in encouraging their children to eat a healthy dietand make changes in activity level, the better. It is increasingly difficult to encouragekids to move more when they become teenagers. Victoria Benard | NURS 6051N - 19 | Dr. Oscar Lee | February 13, 2015 Resources: We Can - Ways to Enhance Children Activities & Nutrition ( Preventing Childhood Obesity ( Healthy Weight: It's not a Diet, It's a Lifestyle ( Childhood Obesity (
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