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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fun facts!! Fun facts!! Terry fox Terry fox What did he do for Canada? What did he do for Canada? Terry fox helped a lot with the problem of cancer in Canada. He raised $1 for every person in Canada who had cancer.After he died people worldwide did the terry fox run (the run might have not been from Winnipeg to Vancover)but every year people from over 60 countries raise over $600 million his name. He changed the cancer problem all over Canada, and he revealed that you can do anything if you try. After he died the research and fundraiser for cancer has improved, YAY :D He was born July 8, 1958He died June 28 1981Terry fox was only 22 so he didn't have a wife or kidsTerry fox was only 18 when he got bone cancer, his leg was chopped off 15 cm above his knee. MARATHON OF HOPE His life His life Terry Fox was in lots of sports he played soccer,rugby,and basket ball and he won many awards for being athletic. When he got bone cancerhe still played sports, like wheelchair basketball andhe kept jogging and running. Sometime after that he decidedto do the Marathon of hope across Canada. Sadly terry was forced to stop because his cancer spread to his lung, but he made a littleof his goal true he raised $1 for every person in Canada who hade cancer. A question for you! A question for you! How did Terry Fox change the fundraiser and researchfor cancer in Canada? and why? I believe that Terry Fox raised some money for cancer andthe people in charge of helping with cancer might have been encouraged to help with the problem. The moneyhelped with better technology for it probably. He did it to help so that people with cancer could believe theywould survive their cancer.
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