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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 4 1 2 3 Task / To-Do Item Event / Calendar Item Don't Need This or Not Right Now If you don't need the email or its information, delete it.If you need it, but you can't perform one of the above three actions, useBoomerang for Outlook (or Clear Context) to return it to your inbox later. If you can act on the email in the next 5 minutes, do it.If not, add the item to Asana and put a due date, add details,add it to a project and assign it to yourself or a team member. If the email is a notice about an event or a meeting,use an Outlook "Quick Action" to create a calendar itemand archive the email. Or, use Doodle to find an agreeable time. Information / Documentation If you're keeping the email just because it contains usefulinformation, either archive it in an Outlook folder or use Evernote'sOutlook plugin (Windows) to send the email directly to Evernote. INBOX Zero How to Achieve with four easy actions What's InboxZero? InboxZero is a mode of workingwhere you maintain an empty inboxas much as possible. Think of yourphysical mailbox. You don't keepmail in there for more than a day, do you? So why is your email anydifferent? This graphic was produced using Licensed under Creative Commons: cc-By-SAAuthor: Ryan Corcoran, Twitter: All of the above software tools have a freeoption, except for Boomerang. There are waysto emulate Boomerang's behavior within Outlook;Google "Snooze Outlook Email" for examples.
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