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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 the percent of boys that volunteer and the percent of girls that volunteer: ways to volunteer! Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. here are some ways to volunteer!3 easy ways! find someone to help! give them food, water, etc. to help them 1. assist them with what they need help on extra information:how to create an escape plan and an escape bag!to create an escape plan:in order to be safe during an emergency, first, you want to create an escape plan. such as a place outside away from the emergency where your family can meet up. for example, you might want to go to an open area if where you live has an open area, so that you are not in the way of any emergency. for example, a fire or an earthquake. FUN FACT:38.6% is household volunteering! 32.5% of boys volunteer39.5% of girls volunteer volunteering!by, maria Plaestini extra information:how to make an escape bag!if you and your family was in an event where you needed to leave your house, you want to have some essentials with you at all times!here are some essentials that you might want to have prepared at all times:for instance, a bag to hold everything insidewater bottlesradiofirst aid kitcane foodblanketssome extra clothesthose are some of the items that you want to bring with you if you need to leave your house in an emergency.
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