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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DESSERT AIR COOLING PROBLEM The desert: Its a hot and unpleasant place, but people keep insisting on living there.That's why an ecosystem or human architect system has to be invented - to keep the temperature which is suitable for human to live, or in short, air cooling. By mimic snail, human invented the building has an overlapping and curvy shell to minimize the amount of sunlight that hits any part of the roof. The building itself is an off-white color, to reflect more of the suns light. When a snail gets hot, it retreats deep into its shell. The building uses this as a model for a series of deeper and deeper areas that allow for rooms of various temperatures: the farther back you go, the cooler it gets. In nature ecosystem, big termite mounds in Africa stay remarkably cool inside, even in blistering heat. The insects accomplish that feat with a clever system of air pockets, which drive natural ventilation through convection. In conclusion, in order to make a place,for example, desert, suitable for human to live, there is need for engineer to develop the ecosystem / structure which provide air cooling system to lower the temperature until temperature which is suitable for human. One of the method is to mimic the way of certain animal in dealing with this problem, for example termitein desert. Besides that, another animal , which is snail have also the same ability to cooling itself by hiding itself in the curvy shell which can reflect sunlight and keeping warm at the same time. Reference Tan Jian Hao I13003610Steven Tay Kah Hing I13003734 CVE5217 ASSIGNMENT 1
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