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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Stock Room * Audited weekly, running at 98% accuracy.* $650,000 worth of inventory.* All inventory items are bar coded.* Admittance to the stockroom is limited to minimize errors. Call Center * Distribute incoming calls where they need to go.* Schedule Service Calls and Dispatch Technicians.* Schedule Fire Inspection Calls, and Update Test Sheets. * Schedule Inspections.* Schedule Camera/Card Access Calls and Make Badges.* Schedule Installations.* Data Entry for new and existing customers.* Schedule Annual Inspections for Burglar Alarms.* Schedule Technicians for Programming. Tech Desk * Provide Tech Support to all customers.* Do code changes for customers.* Provide tech support to employees in the field.* Analyze data from panels struggling to communicate.* Program alarm panels.* Work with the Central Station to resolve problems they are seeing.* Test panels that have been repaired. Central Station * 5 Diamond Certified (signifies all dispatchers are Level 1 certified).* All of our dispatchers are actually Level 2 certified.* UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Listed and FM (Factory Mutual) approved.* Only CS in the USA to win all 3 CSAA awards.* All phone calls are recorded, as well as the call center itself.* 2 generators, 2 UPS, and triple redundancy on all receivers and servers.* Strobe lights signify fire and panic alarms. (Those become immediate priority) Did you know? * In business, and privately held, since 1968 in Aurora.* One of the 20 largest alarm companies in the country.* Largest alarm company based in Illinois.* Over 27,000 customers.* Over 200 employees; 100+ in the field.* Over 100 vehicles available for quick service. * Average employee has been with ADS over 10 years.. ADSALARM.COM Alarm License 127-000143Locksmith License 192-000270 Fire Sprinkler Contractor License FCS0276
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