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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Weaponry: BayonetsThe bayonet was created in the 17th century in Bayonne, France; hence the name Bayonet. It was used from a distance, and also from close hand to hand combat. Commander: Luigi CapelloLuigi Capello was a commander is World War One. Capello had made success for Italy, at Gorizia in August 1916.Three years later he was incarcerated for conspiracy to assassinate Mussolini, for eleven years and was released in 1936. Air Ace: Francesco Baracca Francesco Baracca was the leading Italian Fighter Pilot in World War One..However, despite his many victoriesBaracca was shot down and killed during a ground attack mission. Royalty: Vittorio Emanuele IIIMonarch Vittorio Emanuele 111 took his father's place in a time of need and helped Italy through a war with many alliances. In his duty he witnessed the "birth, rise, and fall" of Italian Fascism. Politician: Paolo BoselliBoselli was 78 years old when he became Prime Minister in June 1816. When the war started he was in the pre retirement stage. He was criticizedwhen he asserted his favo on the Allies side when Italy was on the Central Powers. Italy in World War OneItaly entered the war as a neutral on March 23, 1915. However, during pre - war, Italy was allied with Austria Hungary and Germany as the Triple Alliance. First Hand AccountThe Chief of Staff; Luigi Cadorna prepared his army for the capture of Gorizia.The battle then began on August 6, 1916 and went on for three days until the Italians claimed Gorizia. World War One
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