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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Evaluation Multi Pronged Approach Proposal The problem of quality education in India is immense and different solutions need to work simultaneously giving rise to a Star Fish ecosystem. Stakeholders Merit Pay System Bottom Up Approach Use of Education Technology 1. Empower the guardians and community for better accountability of school management.2. Awareness through local events carried out with the support of NGOs.3. Summer Camps for children to fun learn and engage local community. 1. Using ICT tools for better learning. The tools are cost effective and arises interest in both the educator and educatee.2. Low cost tablets with interactive learning content.3. Interactive Radio Instructions for basic learning. 1. Running pilot projects of CCE at local level with the help of NGOs to assess its efficiency.2. CCE to be supported by enhanced pedagogical techniques.3. Evaluation of students to regroup and teach at their level for basic read-write, Math skills. All the Stakeholders working in a Star Fish Network Model to ensurebetter learning Teacher(Pedagogy) Child Government(Policy eg. RTE) Private Sector(CSR) Civil Society/Local Bodies(Empowerment) NGOs/Social Entrepreneurs(Innovative Solutions) 1. Teachers to be payed based on student learning outcomes/grades.2. Creates incentive for better performance.3. Detach executive work from teachers to increase focus on teaching.
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