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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Focus not on Learning Poor Learning Outcomes PROBLEMS High Enrollemnt Achieved Evaluation ITEM NO. 003 Teachers description here lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetur adipsicsing elit 1. Lack of teachers in schools. 2. Lethargic Pedagogy.3. Teachers loaded with executive work like making reports, looking after Mid Day Meals.4. High Absentism and Lack of enthusiasm. Children are not able to learn and are just moving up the classes.As per the ASER report: 272 million children in the age group 5-14.96% of children are enrolled. 1. No detention of children from classes 1-8 is treated as no evaluation.2. Teachers are not capable of implementing CCE in schools.3. JPAL report says CCE is not helping to improve learning. Thus CCE requires proper impl. 31% Could not divide in Class 5 Could not read in class 5 Could not read in Class 8 description here Teachers not heard of CCE Teachers without CCE manuals Could nor subtract in Class 3 51% 11%vv12 22% 14% Learning Enrollment Vs Huge Gap between Schooling and Learning in Primary Education in India 81% 79% 60% 30% 1. No detention of children in schools is interpreted as no evaluation.2. Teachers are not capable to implement CCE.3. JPAL study suggets that CCE is not helping in improving learning outcome of children. Hence CCE requires careful implementation. Top Down Approach 1. The government schemes mostly are a top down approach. Learning cannot be ensured in such a system.2. RTE has ensured high enrollment but students are not able to learn. 25% 20%
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