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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Revolución industrial en Inglaterra (1770) Fue un proceso de cambios económicos, sociales y tecnológicos. Ocurrió la separación del diseño y el proceso de fabricación. (1709) Figuras de callot Entorno visual (1790) Loza queen´s (1851) Estufa de aire caliente y chimenea Proserpine 1958 - The fishtail logo 1961 - Trademarking 1961 - The white wave 2011 - Arctic fund cans 2005 - Aluminium bottles Uso de máquinas precisas donde los productos adquieren una vida autonoma. La manufactura de Maissen produjouna serie conocida como el nombre de"figuras de callot". The first 2-Litre plastic bottle was born and was popular because it couldn't break, it was re-sealable, lightweight and recyclable. Expansión del comercio en EuropaOccidental, artesanías más especializadas buscando innovaciones. Diseñada y fabricada porWedgwood. Productos resultantes de la fabricaciónindustrial, apreciados en el hogar, trabajo,escuela, etc... Diseñadas por Alfred Stevens paraHoole de Sheffield. The Arden Square logo was introduced to the world in 1969 and the Coca-Cola script was now underlined with the white wave called the "Dynamic Ribbon Device". This period saw the introduction of the 'Fishtail'logo (aka the Arciform). The term comes from the fact that both sides of the logo look like fish tails. The contour bottle with the word Coca-Cola written on it got its first trademark from the US Patent and Trademark Office. It was also granted a TM for it's contour shape. For the share happiness campaign, you could send a Coke to your mate and have his / her name printed on it instead of the logo. Coca-Cola introduced over 1.4 billion white cans in support of the arctic fund to raise awarenessfor the plight of the Polar bear. 1978 - 2 Litre plastic bottles Over 5 continents, design firms from all overcame together to design a new aluminiumcontour bottle called M5. 2011 - Share a Coke bottle COMIENZOS DEL DISEO INDUSTRIAL COMIENZOS DEL DISEÑO INDUSTRIAL
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