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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 REVOLUTION The Begining RUSSIAN double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The Russian Revolution started when the Russian population started to increase. When the population statred to increase the money and economics started to fail throughout the country. Many land owners had to mortgage their land and serfs (servants) because they did not have enoughmoney to pay for all the work their land needed and the amount of moneythey annually owed the Government. Most people worked as a serf but as more time went on and the governmentwent even more into debt even the system of serfs became an economicfailure. Peasants started to own moreand more land and since the peasantsknew they would get their land takenby the government, they stopped workingas hard on it and that lead to agricultural poverty. All of these struggles with Russia's money led up to the EmancipationManifesto. This was when the serfs became free. But that only led to morepoverty. Since the serfs were now free but uneducated they had no where to work so it made Russia's poverty rate increase. Poverty was now a big issue in Russia. Thousands of people were living in poverty and the government had not way of helping. Since government could not do much to help the people, the people were forced to move to big cities and try to find work. But the sameproblems occurred in these big cities. There was once again not enough jobs for everyone. Government and factory owners could not provide for all of the nations needs. The Russian people were not okay with the fact no one could meet their needs so they started to get angry. The different Ethnic groups started to getangry with each other also. That is when the government pursued the Russification Policy. This only made things worse. The Jewish religion and people become impoverished and manydied. After that many of the Peasants got even more angry and lost all hope in the Government. After Russia lost in the Russo-Japanese war Government started to lose control of Russia onceagain. The peasants anger turned into them going against their government and becoming violent. The Government was crumbling. @ JoshuaChavers Stage I
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