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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Diseases Thyroid cancer Birth defects It is Noncommunicable,If you go to the doctor and you have symptoms they will diagnose get a lump on you neck and you have to get something like an ultrasound.mood swings,lots of pills and doctors and also get the part of your thyroid that has cancer taken out.just going to the doctor and getting it checked. it is see if you have it you get screening have issues giving makes people sad and hurts themit can't be treatedit can't be prevented Autisum It is Noncommunicablenot diagnosed.its in the brain,have trouble learning.slow in school and in lower level can't be treated genetics. Arthritis it is Noncommunicableyour doctor will consider your symptoms, perform a physical exam to check for swollen joints or loss of motion, and use blood tests and X-rays to confirm the diagnosis. X-rays and blood tests also help distinguish the type of arthritis you have.occur inside the joints between bones. natural remedies.Get regular activity. Not only is exercise good for your heart and cardiovascular system, it's also good for your bones, muscles and joints. ...Stretch. Stretching will increase muscle tone and can help boost the range of motion of your joints. ...Eat right. ...Drink enough water. Air plane ear it is Noncommunicable.people on the air flight may be able to you that you have may not be able to hear.loss of hearing and in need of ear plugsIn each ear, there is a tube that connects the middle of the ear to your throat and nose and helps to regulate ear pressure.ear plugs or cleaning your ears will help it go away
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