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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pianos start from scratch[clears the canvas] Pianos are a string instrument that make sound by vibrating stringswhen a key is pressed. *Pianists includeLudwig Van Beethoven,Amades Mozart, and SebastianBach. *The Harpsichord wasan early version of the piano. It consisted of plucking the strings tomake a sound. *The sound on a piano changes pitch from the strings vibrating at different frequencies. *The frequencies are determined bydifferent lengths of the strings, mass, and the tension on the strings. *The shorter, lighter strings with more tension on the ends vibrates faster meaning higher pitched sounds. These strings areat the left of thepiano. *When a key is presseda hammer flies up andhits the string, making it vibrate. A damper strikes the string after the key is released. *The strings arepressed on a bridge and are amplified when the sounds aretransferred to the sound board. Pianos produce a great range of musical sounds. The melody and harmony can be played at once by pressing keys associated with different strings. *Pianos are made out of wood which surroundsthe medal strings. The hammers are usually made withfelt and the keysare made with spruceor brass wood and arethen covered by a thinlayer of ivory. *The way a piano creates sound allows the musician to play different notes. The strings with greater tension, and are longer create lower sounds and the shorter strings with less mass and less tension create higher sounds. These aspects on the piano affect how the vibrations and energy travel through the string and create different sounds. A piano is curved because the strings on the left are higher than the ones on the rightand are therefore shorter causing that part of the piano to also be shorter.
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