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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Edinburgh Heathrow 1. Heathrow 2. Gatwick 3. Birmingham 4. Stansted 5. London City 6. Luton 7. Bristol 8. Belfast 9. Manchester 10. Southampton from Edinburgh Airport Top 10 UK destinations 311 flightsper day 24,600 passengers use EdinburghAirport every day 40 airlines 50 on average per day How domestic flights helped Edinburgh soar How domestic flights helped Edinburgh soar Virgin's 6 new flights to Heathrow will take the total number of EDI/LDN flights to How Did American Indians and Europeans cooperate? How did American Indiansand Europeansettlers Influence each others lives? double click to change this header text! Europeans and American Indians! European settlers. American Indians. Well they influenced eachothers lives bythe food theyate the tools they used. Also American Indians influenced Europeans by introducingthem tobeaver fur. We use words they use suchas moccasin, squash, andMassachusetts. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. What Caused Conflict Between European Contries? Conflict was caused because of the struggle to control resources, the beaver fur, gold and silver, also because Spanish didn't like otherEuropeans. What caused conflict between settlers and American Indians? Europeans claimed land thatdidn't belong to them,they had wars for land. Theyneeded materials, they wanted bever fur. What caused conflict between American Indian tribes? What caused conflict between American Indian tribes wasthe fact that one tribe would go on another's land and hunt making the other tribe mad.
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