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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Effects of Mass Media Motion Pictures Magazines America became a "throwaway" society based on the principles of planned obsolence Showed only "idealized" societyof mostly white men who wereexpected to work and obtain incomewhile the wife stayed at homeand cared for the children "Mass Media" also perpetuated stereotypical gender roles for both men and womenand raised concerns about exposing children to violence on TV. Mass Media in the 1950's helped the spread of ideas throughout the nation. However, the new availability of "mass media" not only changed the American consumer ideal, but also revolutionized everyday life with the introduction of technology. Television double click to change this title text! With the introduction of mass media, ideas fromall over the nation combined into a single sociallyacceptable model for suburban life 1950's Mass Media Radio NBC CBS ABC -By 1958, 10.5 million homes had a TV-Kennedy & Nixon's presidential debates-MLK Jr.'s March on Washington -Americans had increased leisure time to watch movies/TV-By 1958, more than 5,000 drive-ins -Childish; 2-D, bright colors-Lots of advertisements -To keep business, radio turnedto news, weather, and music. Television shows included:Comedy: The Texaco star Theater + I Love LucyNews: See it Now + Person to PersonChildren's: The Mickey Mouse Club ADDITIONAL VOCAB:Golden Age: 1950'sFCC: Federal Communications Commission
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