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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Helen Wills Friends Ads Sources News in 1920s Information BubbleGum Hair Dryer PajamasCost: 50c to $2 = 26 Afternoon party dressCost:$7-12 =$156 Suzanne Lenglenfamous for her tennis carrer Hello everyone can't wait for you to come down to my match today. It's going to be the bee's knee's for this special one. we will have the swellest treats for the match.Just make sure to come rather earlier for the best view from the court too. You guys will never believe who I found today! Frederick Moody, one of the most famous tennis players of all times.What can I say though, he's such a sheik ill tell ya that. I'd like to discuss something with all my lovely fans today.I've been working on a fine journal explaining the life of a tennis player. I decided to also do a tennis manual to help out starters for tennis. if you think its hotsy-totsy then let me know in the coments down below. Robert W MurphyFamous writer Is it just me or are these new styles just so hip!We have shorter skirts and dresses, more freely clothes, and can now show our gams.The new fashion has actually made me feel more comfortable and feels like I have more space to move around when i'm competing. Today will be another swell game, but i'm not quite sure who i'm going up against yet. The bad part is we can't celebrate with giggle water anymore or even have it! Since the law of prohibition is banding it now no one can have it anymore. What a shocking result, I just hope their making the right decision. I hope everyone is having a whoopee day.Has anyone heard of these fads such as smoking, competitions to win money, or sports?Well its a new trend and it seems like everyone is doing them and so much other fads too! This really gives me the hibbie-jeepies of how ironick this is. Since people have been asking where and when my matches are, mass media is where you should go.If any of you have a radio or television then turn it the sports channel on Saturday at 5 pm to let you know.I don't care if it's running like a jalopy, still go on and find out before my match begins. Aviation seems like the new way to transport now. If you can afford it,which will be expensive because its transporting by aircraft. It can take you to place to place, where ever you want when ever you wantNow that sounds like bee's knees for a new, rad invention.
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