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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Internet safety Nowadays,children begin to use the Internet at an early age- from 5-6 years.As the results of studies in European countries almost half the children can go online in their rooms, and a quarterof children aged 12 to 15 years old have their own tablet computers,not to mention mabile phones. ' Generacion internacionalnacida entre 1995 y el primerlustro de la decada del 2000 Generacion internacionalnacida entre 1995 y el primerlustro de la decada del 2000 Use phone and internet with your children Ask the company which provide you internet service to ban sites that contain pornographic materials, sites with scenes of violence and brutality,terror sites and sites for dating. double click to change this title text! Protect your children!!! How to ensure online child safety? Advices for parents! Talk to your child about online safety 92% of parents say they have established clear rules of behaviour of children in the online environment, and 32% of children in this case argue that adults are no rules for them are not installed. Explain to your child about the dangers of communicating with strangers and their consequences Now the criminals know thewhereabouts of the child and information currently using to communicate with themas well as through social networks. According to statistics,in the future,200 million girls and 100 million boys will be subjected yo violence before they reach adulthood. To our great regret missing a year more than 8 million children missing.(International Centre fot Missing and Exploited Children) According to statistics porn sites more visitors each months than Netflix,Amazon and Twitter combined. The words "sex" and "porn" rank fourth and sixth among the top ten most popular search terms. A study in the southeastern U.S found that 53 percent of boys and 28 percent of girls(ages 12-15) reported use of sexually explict media. The Internet was the most popular forum for viewing.
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