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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Surveying History of Surveying... Surveying is the art and science of determining angles, distance and position of points. These points are usually on or near the surface of the earth. Definition Methods of Surveying Methods of Surveying Plane Surveying The surveying inwhich the surface ofthe earth is consideredto be a plane for all X and Y dimensions. Geodetic surveying Property surveying (Land Surveying) Topographic Surveying Construction Surveying (location surveying) Route Surveying The surveying in which the earth is considered to be ellipsoidal in shape for all X and Y dimensions. Horizontal Surveying Vertical Surveying Control Surveying Hydraulic Surveying To establish horizontal and vertical controls, to achieve topographic data, and to design the position of high ways, railroads, pipe lines etc. The elevations of relatively permanent reference points are determined by precise levelling method which are elevation benchmarks. Several points are marked in the ground which are stations, are arrange throughout the site area. It is usually with a very high degree of precisions and accuracy. To record the features of bodies of water including contours, channels and watershed information for lakes, rivers and streams. To mark down the positions of new points on the ground. which arethe location of new building corners and other facilities. To determine the relative positions of existing natural and constructed features on a tract of land. To establish the positionsof boundary lines and property corners. To measure preciseangles and distanceswith the used of light beams coupled with theodolites. . To determine both horizontal and vertical placement on the surface of the earth by using orbiting satellites. It is effective in controlling large surveying and governmental projects. Collecting geomatics or other image by the used of aeroplanes, helicopters or other aerial methods. Electronic Measuring Surveying Aerial Surveying GPS (Global Satellite Positioning Surveying) Current Surveying Methods Current Surveying Methods Members: Lee Fan Yin ( I14006777 ) Ng Ying Tong ( I14006749 ) Group Name: Think Tank Email: Subject: CVE 3223
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