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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2015 Northeast Snow Storm Citations snow fall Truck stuck in snow Planes in snow School closing Law courts It his extremely hard to travel to travel places because of the snow storm. For air travel Boston had to spent millions of dollars on snow removal. theyalso had to cancel 2,880 fights coming in and outof the Untied States. Alsocars were being ticket and towed to clear room for thesnow plows. one even lostpower and keeping 50passengers inside. In New York a subay train waskept for 2 1/2 hours becousethe power wnet out. Two major cases were canceled because of the snow storm. The two cases were the murdertrial for the New England Patriots athlete AaronHerandez and the Bostonbombing suspect Dzhokar Sarnaev. The Roads are becoming a much moredangerous because of the winter storm. The problem is all the and rain the Northeast has be getting and when it freezes the roads will get very slippy.We have to acknowledge that roads can be a very serious safety issue. School was closed for Boston for most of the storm.Some schools were out forthree weeks. They might run out of snow days soon. Although the amount of snow on the schools rooftopsand the intensity of this storm'is keeping schools from reaming in session.
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