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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Africa and the Congo Africa and the Congo double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The ecosystems of South Africa rely on their cash crop of corn and fishing. But because of climate change, the rising temperatures cause the lake's ecosystems to die like the fish and the rising temperatures will cause corn fields to die. Climate change effect on Africans:- More diseases- Less water so even dirtier water they have to drinkand travel even farther to find it. - With fish dying off, their main food scource will betarnished causing food problems along with income issues There are many ecosystems and plants that will die because of climate change. There is very unique one of a kind flowers that only live in South Africa. South Africa's Cape Floral region is one of the world's highest plant densities. With climate change, the heat will kill off these rare plants. That some ecosystems like lizards depend on to keep cool out of the sun by finding shade under these plants. Also the black rhino is extremely endangered and Etosha National Park has one of the largest populations. But with climate change, they are getting stressted and becoming more of a poaching target. How Africa will change due to climate change: - Congo will start drying up - The plains will get hotter and plants will die off alongwith species. Trees will die as well. - With higher temperatures, there will be morepests that kill Africa's main cash crop (coffee)and can infect humans with diseases. Links: the Climate Hot Spot page given to us Each of us contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change. The region of South Africa and the Congo is normally hot, dry, and comes with very little rain. It only rains near the coast and only during winter. Even then there isn't very much rainfall.
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