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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Business Profit Total Revenue Total Expenses Profit Consumer Producer Solvency Success Business Growth A consumer is a person or organization that consumes goods or services by the producers of the business. Everyone is a consumer. Everyone needs to consume goods such as foods and clothes. Without the consumers, the producer and the stocks that they make are meaningless. Since the consumers are the ones the producers are trying to sell it to. A producer is a person or organization that produces goods or services for earning. Without them, the consumers have nowhere to satisfy their needs and wants. The producers role is to produce goods or services to the customers. For example, if producers do not produce goods that they sell in clothing stores, there will not be clothing for us, consumers, to purchase and wear. It will be very difficult to live without producers producing and providing goods and services. A solvency is the ability of the running business to pay all debts and other obligations. Solvency is essential to stay in business. If a business is insolvent, it will lead to closure of that business which in another word, the business going bankrupt. For a business to keep running, the owner of the business must be able to pay all debts and make a profit. Businesses are always looking for ways to produce better goods and provide better services for their customers so they can increase their profits. A successful business anticipates and prepare for the changing needs and wants of the consumers. A profit is a financial benefit when the total revenue exceeds the total expenses. Then you are left with a profit. The business financial gain can be spent in buying, operating, or producing something. It can be used to improve the business structure like the running business building, and technology. Also, the money can be used for innovation like a new product or new menu. If the total revenue and total expenses have only a little difference, the business will not likely gain something from it. However if the product gets too expensive, less people will find the product. Therefore, the price of the product must be reasonable as well. Business is an organization by the individual or a group that produces or providegoods and services toconsumers for making a profit.
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