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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is the Business of Business? Consumer Purchasing Money/Profit Teamwork Goal Setting Power ConsumerPurchasing Power Money/Profit Goal Setting Teamwork As consumers, we have the powerto buy and use services that weneed and want, therefore dictatingthe market. A financial gain, especially thedifference between the amountearned and the amount spentin buying, operating or producingsomething. The process of workingcollaboratively with a groupof people in order to achievea goal. Motivational technique based on the concept that the practice of settingspecific goals enhances performance,and that setting difficult goalsresults in higher performance than setting easier goals. Chris & Ryan February 10, 2015 Consumers dictate the market. Without the consumer, theproducers and suppliers wouldnot know what is needed and what is wanted. The creatorsof these products can't just guess what is wanted by the consumer. Every Business needsMoney and Profit to be successful. The wayMoney and Profit issuccessfully earned isby supplying goodsand services to thepeople, and to meet theconsumer demands. Profitis the income leftover afterall costs and expenses have been paid, so yourbusiness better be successful! Being in a team isan essential skillin order to run asuccessfulbusiness. It's verydifficult to runa business onyour own; manyproblems may arise anddamage you andyour business. It is important to setgoals and havetimelines in whichyou plan to accomplishthem. If there aren'tany goals in place while running yourbusiness, then it willbe difficult to organizeand get to where youwant to be.
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