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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Chinese Revolution of 1911 Symptomatic Stage Symptomatic Stage Crisis Stage Crisis Stage Convalescence Convalescence The Incubation Stage The Incubation Stage In the Incubation Stage of the revolution there were a lot of things going on. Two important treaties were signed The Treaty of Nanjing and The Treaty of Beijing. Each of these treaties were seen as unequal because the other countries who signed them seemed to get more from them than China did. Then also another important event of the incubation stage was that the Guangxu emperor began his hundred days' reform where he tried to change the culture, politics and the education in China. But he sadly failed. In the Symptomatic Stages of the revolution the boxer revolution erupted, which brought heightened tensions between the foreigners and the peasants. A little while after that a important Chinese revolutionary was assassinated. Also around the same time Empress Dowager cixi issued an edict abolishing imperial examination which changed the educational structure in Chinas society immensely. In the Crisis Stage of the revolution the city of Wuchang was taken over by revolutionaries which spread to the other provinces and began the revolution. Another important revolutionary Sun Yat-sen dies and is succeeded by military general Chiang Kai-shek. Then Li (chinese revolutionary and one of the early ruler of CCP) orders communist guerrillas to take control of the principal cities of central China. In the Convalescence Stage of the revolution Mao Zendong declared the creation of PRC to try and separate people into different social classes to try and restore order. PRC troops also surrender in Jinmen ending the fighting. And lastly they establish a new capital at Chengdu to try and get things restored and back to normal.
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