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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 At A Glance Modernism T.S. Eliot F. Scott Fitzgerald Ernest Hemmingway William Faulkner Robert Frost Woodrow Wilson was president from 1913-1921 The Great Gatsby&Head and Shoulders Light in August&Requiem For a Nun Excerpt fromThe Great Gatsby "A man in a long duster had dismounted from the wreck and now stood in the middle of the road, looking from the car to the tire and from the tire to the observers in a pleasant, puzzled way. Owl Eyes is an older gentlemen in this society. Owls are animals that represent great age and wisdom. Thus, it is expected for the character, Owl Eyes, to carry himself in a justified, wise manner. However, this excerpt from The Great Gatsby is a clear depiction that he stoops down and conducts himself as a child. Owl Eyes, in this light, is a symbol of the careless, reckless, and irrational society that existed during the age of modernism. Genre and Style 'See!' he explained. 'It went in the ditch.'The fact was infinitely astonishing to him, and I recognized first the unusual quality of wonder, and then the man-- it was the late patron of Gatsby's library." Modernism was mostly fiction writing about inner-self and consciousness. Modernist writers felt like society was on a downfall, which is why most modernist stories have themes of hopelessness, disillusion, alienation, exploitation, and capitalism. They were using more imagery and symbolism, and their writing style was based on Surrealism. During Wilson's presidency the United Stateswas in WWI (1914-1919) Franklin D. Rooselvelt was president from 1933-145 Historical Background Woodrow Wilson was president from 1913-1921.During Wilsons presidency, we were in WWI.The Great Depression Started in 1929.Franklin D. Roosevelt was president from 1933-1945.Franklin D. Roosevelt started the New Deal in 1933 which ended the Great Depression.The United States joined WW2 (1939-1950). To Have and Have Not&Men Without Women The Witness Tree&Birches The Waste Land&The Sacred Wood 19141950 HopelessnessAlienationIsolationDelusionExploitation Themes
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