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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Link Bubble lets you click on any webpage and automatically a bubble pops upleaving you free to keep using your previous app.Available free on Google Play Target audience is teen and parents.Teens: can learn toappreaciate their fathers.Parents: especially fatherscan relate to this. Appears washedout and drained.Portrays the coldlook of the movie gives a hint of the movie's theme. HoverChat lets you text message without interrupting what your doing.available free in Google Play AllCast Basically lets you send videos, orpictures to your TV.Example: Xbox360 or Xbox1 Season two is a 5 part gameserious thatcontinues the story of Clementineand a young orphangirl.Free available in Google Play PhotoMath is the app that lets you scan a mathematic problem using camera and automatically gives you the answer and steps the math problem HeyDay aJournal app that makes memories evenmore beautiful and fun to remember.Available inApp Store According toApple storebest Social App for Questions and AnswersAvailable for free Looks afraid. The father looks moreanxious and determined lookingwhereas the child looksafraid and lost. AllCast The walkingDead Season 2 PhotoMath HeyDay Facialexpressions Colour IPhone's and Android's HoverChat Link Bubble Ask.Fm The following listed apps are some of the most popular apps for Androids and Iphone's. Some of these apps maybe known but others wont. These are all available free either forGoogle play or Apple Store.
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