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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 People spend more time each year online browsing the internet for all types of information. 55% These The American Legions Boys State program is a unique way for young men to learn about the American system of government and politics by participating in a mock governmental system.We call it a Laboratory of Government because during the week each young man will have the opportunity to run for and be elected to mock offices ranging from city level (e.g. city council, mayor) to state constitutional offices (e.g. lieutenant governor and governor).It is an honor to be chosen as a delegate to Palmetto Boys State. More than 900 rising seniors are nominated each year by their high school teachers and counselors to be delegates or citizens at Boys State. Those nominated are then interviewed and selected by the local American Legion Post. We consider the program to be as much leadership training as it is an opportunity to learn about and participate in government and politics. In fact, many of our states political, business, and community leaders attended Boys State.While at Boys State, citizens will be divided into cities named for state rivers which make up counties named for famous South Carolinians. Citizens are also divided into two political parties from which they will campaign and/or elect city, county, and state officers. By doing so, citizens will learn about government and politics by participating in the process. They will have an opportunity to prepare speeches, compose party platforms, debate current issues, and vote for elected offices 80% 26% 10% 100%
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