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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Three Monotheistic Religions Number of followers: 2 billionPlace of origin/holy place: Israel Christianity: Islam: Number of followers: 14 millionPlace of origin/holy place: Israel Judiasm: Number of followers: 1.6 billionPlace of origin/holy place: Arabian Desert/Israel How did it start?Christianity was born out of Judaism. God and Mary gave birth to a man named Jesus who taught people about this religion. How did it start?Islam was born in the Arabian desert where a merchant was spoken to by God (Allah).Mohamed (the merchant) taught other people about Allah and the five pillars which were the rules of this new religion. How did it start?Judaism began when G_d told Sara and Abraham in Mesopotamia to leave and start a new religion. They started it in Israel. God:In Christianity, God is the all powerful being. He created theEarth and all of its creatures inseven days, resting on the seventh.Since God rested on Sunday, Sundaybecame a holy day of rest for Christians. God:In Islam, God is called Allah. There are no pictures of Allahbecause it is considered distrespectfull to draw him. G_d:In Judiasm, you are not aloud to write out G_d because it is considered disrespectful. G_dspoke to Moses when the Jewish people were captured and enslaved by the Egyptians. For seven days G_d sent different horrors to the Egyptians, a new horror each day until the pharaoh finally let Mosesset them free. H Place of worship:Christians worship in a church. Churches havea cross (the item that crucified Jesus) and sometimes stained glass windows. Place of worship:Islams worship in a Mosque. Place of worship:Jewish people worship in a synagogue. Rules:The "rules" for the Christian religionwere given to the people by God. Theyare called the 10 commandments. Someof them are:Do not kill, do not steal, etc. Rules:The "rules" for the Islam religionare called the five pillars and weregiven to Mohamed by Allah. They are:1. Shahadah: reciting the Muslim profession of faith.2. Salat: Preforming ritual prayers in the proper way five times each day3. Zakat: paying a charity tax to benefit the poor4. Sawm: fasting during the month of Ramadan5. Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca Rules:Like in Christianity, Jewish people believein the 10 commandments that were givento Moses by G_d after he freed the Jewish people from Egypt. Holy book:In Christianity, the holy book whichChristians use is called the Bible. The Bible is a holy book with rules and prayers. In the Bible there is the old andthe new Testimite. The old Testimite is before Jesus (the savior) was born. The new is after he was born. Holy book:The main holy book of Islam is the Koran.It teaches people about this religion. Holy book:The holy book of Judaism is called theTorah. The Torah is basically the Christianold Testimite because they don't believe that Jesus was the savior, they believe thatthe savior is yet to come. Messiah:Christians believe that the messiah(savior) was a man called Jesus. Jesuswas the son of a woman named Mary whohad never committed a sin. Because of that,God decided that she would be a good motherfor Jesus. So he sent down an Angle named Gabriel who told her that she would give birthto God's son named Jesus and he was to beborn in a city called Bethlehem. So Mary andJoseph, Mary's mortal husband traveled toBethlehem, but there was no place to stay, so Jesus was born in a stable. Messiah:In Islam, they believe that themessiah (savior) was Mohamed,the man who was spoken to by Allah. After being spoken to byAllah, Mohamed went out into theworld and told everyone about what Allah had told him. He spokeof the Five Pillars, and Allah. Messiah:Unlike Islam and Christianity,Jewish people do not thinkthat a savior has come yet. That is why there isn't a new testimite in the Torah. They don't think that Jesuswas the Messiah. They think that the savior is yet to come. Afterlife:In Christianity, if you were goodin your life you are considered 'saved' and go to heaven where you are happy and become anangel. If you were not good inyour life you are considered 'damned' and go to Hell were youare given eternal punishment. Hell is also where Satan lives.He is sometimes called the 'Devil'because he is the 'evil' version of God. Afterlife:In Islam, if you were good in your life and are 'saved' you can go to Jannah (Paradise); those who arenot good in there life go to Jahannam(Hell). Afterlife:In Judaism, those who live a goodlife go to Olam Haba("world to come") and those who live a horrible life will be refused resurection on Judgment Day, so if you are bad, you can not go to Olam Haba. There is not equivilant of Hell, or Hell inJudaism. By Ellie Kettterer-Sykes Sources:Ted Ed videoChristianity/Islam/Judaism at a glanceClass work
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